A Connection to Gravity 

A Connection to Gravity is a compilation of history and highlights throughout Wiley Miller’s career as a pro skier.  An in-depth look at current life in his home state of Montana and how skiing continues to drive him through life’s challenges.  A devastating diagnosis with his mother forces Wiley to contemplate the fragility of life, in and out of the mountains. This film aims to simplify the true form of meaning and happiness we all look to achieve through dedicated practice and passion.


There is more to the story of building skis... DRAWN dives deep into what inspires the latest shapes from RMU and Wiley Miller. Drawn from sketches put down on coffee stained notebook paper, these shapes are brought to reality through the collective efforts of engineers, designers, and Wiley at RMU. This is the story of how these shapes come to life.


This piece covers the most coveted shots obtained in the recent winter seasons of pro skier Wiley Miller, aka YLE... An abstraction from the norm this short film encompasses all that makes Wiley Miller the skier he is now. Edited by Matt Pidutti. Cinematography by Freedle Coty, Josh Berman, Athan Merrick. Drone shots by Chris Flynn.


YLESKI 2015 is the culmination of Wiley Miller’s 2015 winter season. Shot almost exclusively in the Columbia Mountains of interior British Columbia. The winter of 2015 was adverse in many areas of North America. Finding good conditions remained challenging. Patience, and persistence was key in finding safe, suitable snowpack. This is the second installment to the YLESKI series, highlighting the best of Wiley Miller and his approach to snow.


Visual Snow Entertainment. This is YLESKI. A mid- season release showcasing a creative look on freeskiing in the mountains. The idea behind this first YLESKI edit was for freeskier Wiley Miller and filmmaker Darren Rayner to have full creative control and produce a web release that goes beyond ski action. Growing up in Montana, Wiley has had a real appreciation for the outdoors and has admired the power and grace of untamed wildlife.